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Judy Hopkins passed away March 9, 2011. She is missed.

Judy Hopkins was the Agatha Christie of the mystery quilt genre. Hundreds of quilting shops and groups have used Judy's mysteries for workshops and retreats; individual quilters enjoy the Mystery Quilt Singles patterns she sold through Feathered Star Productions, Inc. Judy was the first "magazine mystery" writer, creating series-style mystery patterns for Lady's Circle Patchwork Quits.

Judy is widely known as a creator of clear and accurate patterns for quilters. She is the author and co-author of numerous quilting books and is designer of the popular ScrapMaster ruler, a tool for quick-cutting half-square triangles from irregularly shaped scraps. Click on JUDY HOPKINS' BOOKS at the left to see what titles we have available on the website.

Judy's grandmother, her mother and her aunt all made quilts. She started pursuing a full-time career in quilting after being named Alaska state winner of the Great American Quilt Contest (the "Liberty Contest") in 1986. She lived in Juneau, Alaska with her husband, Bill, and has five adorable and brilliant grand-children who liked to help her sew.

Judy with "Strip Staccato" quilt from her book, TRIANGLE-FREE QUILTS.

Judy Hopkins donated instructions for a simple, three-step mystery quilt to any quilting group, guild or shop involved in a non-profit service quilt project. Participating groups can duplicate and distribute the copyright-free instructions through their newsletters, mail or hand them out to members or customers interested in contributing quilts to a worthy cause, or use them as the basis for service quilt workshops or retreats.

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September 11, 2001 Quilt

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