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RCSBOM Raspberry & Cream BOM

This pattern is out of print.

Rulers recommended for this project are the BIAS SQUARE-PLUS and the PRECISION TRIMMER 3.

Fabric H for Border Block Piecing: Red Butterfly Flower Y2062-82

A very kind shop owner found a mistake in the fabric amount given for Fabric H and let me know about it. In the fabric amounts needed for one quilt, the amount given for Fabric H is 1 Fat Quarter. Actually, the amount needed is 1/2 yard and neither I nor the pattern tester, or proofreaders caught it. I truly appreciate this kind of “heads up”, so I can correct information and get it to you in a timely manner.

It works like this:

Fabric H is used in the Border blocks (Double Fourpatch and Stepping Stones).

Four Double Fourpatch blocks require one piece of Fabric H, cut 13” x 18”.

Fourteen Stepping Stones blocks require one piece of Fabric H, cut 18” x 24”.

For each quilt, do this: Cut 1/2 yard (18”), then subcut one 24” section and one 13” section (there are a few spare inches).

Fortunately this does not affect the number of bolts needed to make kits for the quilts, unless you are trying to get 30 kits with one bolt of Y2062-82. With one 15 yard bolt, you should be able to get 30 sets of Fabric H (thirty 1/2 yard cuts) for the border blocks. But if your bolt, like mine comes with only 14.5 yards, you may come up short. If it turns out you need a little more and you can’t get it from Clothworks, I have one bolt of Y2062-82 that I will hold back for emergencies and will send another 1/2 yard free if you need it (as long as the fabric lasts).

Click here to download the corrected Double Fourpatch pattern pages.
Click here to download the corrected Stepping Stones pattern pages.

If you need hard copy, let me know and I will send pages to you. Email: