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Quilt for Kate Rose

Joan Sherwood made a speical quilt for her granddaughter, Kate Rose, out of my Quilts for Katie Rose book. She wrote:
Dear Marsha,

I thought you might be interested in my story and the attached photos.

I have a granddaughter, Kate Rose McGowan. Shortly after her birth, a friend saw an ad for your book and noted the name similarity. Of course, I had to have it!

I chose to make Kate's Butterfly Quilt because of the name, but also because my daughter decorated Kate Rose's room with stenciled butterflies. I decided to make the quilt larger, so that Kate could use it on her "big girl bed". It then became queen size, so that she could continue to use it later in her life. Her favorite color is purple and her room is mauve, so I chose these for the main colors and backing. I used some older fabrics that were used for dresses for her Mom and herself, and various other projects.

Our Kate is now five years old and, as she has grown up, she has become fascinated by the butterflies. Kate loves to sit on the bed and hear over and over again the stories of the special fabrics.

Thank you for inspiring me to create this special keepsake for my Kate Rose. I hope you are enjoying your granddaughter as much as I am enjoying mine. Kate now has a little sister who is patiently waiting for her "big girl quilt".

Yours truly,

Joan Sherwood, Merritt, BC Canada

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