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Precision Trimmer 3 Recall

Recently, I learned, much to my dismay, that my last shipment of Precision Trimmer 3 rulers contained defective rulers. Truly, I didnít know. Rulersmith has produced perfect rulers for me for 15 years. When these rulers were delivered in February 2014, I didnít check them. My Mom had just passed away and my mind was not on quality control.

The ruler problem is in the placement of the locator hole at the ľĒ seam allowance at the corner of the ruler. This hole is used to locate the start and stop point for set-in seams. On the defective rulers, the hole is placed slightly to the right. Not acceptable. Of the rulers sent out in the last year, I have no idea if all the rulers were made this way or only a portion. Rulersmith has replaced the entire print run with accurate rulers and I will replace your ruler if it is defective.

I will be contacting people who bought the PT3 ruler through my website, but I have no way to identify who might have bought a PT3 from a shop or from me in a class. You will need to identify yourself so I can replace the defective ruler with a good one. So here is what to do:

Take a picture of your PT3 ruler with your digital camera or phone. The photo needs to show the hole placement clearly AND your finger pointing to it (see above). Email the picture to me at:

OR send it by snail-mail to:

Feathered Star productions, Inc.
1495 East 27th Ave.
Eugene OR 97403

Please include your mailing address and when and where you think you purchased the ruler. I will send an email confirmation with a special Coupon Code for 15% off of any purchase from the website. You donít have to buy something on the website to get a replacement ruler, but Iím trying do something nice to make up for the trouble. If you do order from the website, your replacement ruler will be included in the package, otherwise I will mail it to you within a few weeks.

Contact Feathered Star Productions,
Phone: 541-338-7554
or e-mail: