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Not-so Antique Star

Quilt Title: Not-so Antique Star
Maker: Marsha McCloskey
Date: 2006
Place: Eugene, Oregon
Size: 40" x 40"
Quilter: Judy Irish of Arlington, WA

I actually made a challenge quilt and it premiered in Paducah in April 2006, will travel to other sites for a year and return for auction in 2007. You Feathered Star fans who were able to see it, will think it's quite a departure for me fabric and colorwise -- and you'll be right. It was great fun making the Feathered Star block called Old Time Star in contemporary brights on a black and chocolate ground. I, then, sent it to Judy Irish of Arlington, WA, for quilting. She did a fantastic job with a Sun Face in the center and flourishes of feathers in the borders.

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