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Massachusetts Cross & Crown Quilt Pattern

Finished Quilt Size :
65" x 76"

DESCRIPTION: The Massachusetts Cross & Crown quilt features 30 pieced blocks, set straight with 2" wide lattices and triangle-square cornerstones. A simple outer border completes the design. The half-dark and half-light character of the block creates endless possibilities for sets and arrangements much like those of Log Cabin blocks. The quilt pictured was made by Marsha McCloskey in 1991 and appeared in her book, On to Square Two. It was quilted by Virginia Lauth. The Massacusetts Cross & Crown block appears in Barbara Brackman's An Encyclopedia of Pieced Patterns.

MATERIALS (44-wide fabric)
Fabric A: 3-1/2 yards total assorted dark prints
Fabric B: 3-1/2 yards total assorted light prints
Fabric C: 2 yards dark print for border, binding and some piecing
Backing: 4-1/4 yards
Batting and thread to finish

PATTERN NOTES: Step-by-step instructions include cutting and sewing directions to make the quilt top. The instructions are for one size of quilt. You can change the size of the project to fit your needs by adding or subtracting rows of blocks and setting pieces, or by changing border treatments.
Rotary cutting and machine piecing techniques used in this pattern call for the use of a special rotary cutting ruler, the Precision Trimmer 6 designed by Marsha McCloskey (produced and distributed by Feathered Star Productions, Inc.). Templates are provided for quilters who prefer more traditional cutting and piecing methods.

Order pattern and ruler separately.

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