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How can we ignore this?

Nancy R. Davison, Roll Call, color linocut, © 2012, 17 x 24”

‘Roll Call’ a color linocut of guns and bullets, was made in fury and grief as a response to the shootings at Aurora CO in July 2012. Each panel records a shooting. ‘1999, Columbine High School, 15 dead, 21 wounded,’ ‘2012 Aurora CO, 12 dead, 59 wounded.’

By the time I finished the piece there had been more shootings. I had intended a tablet, an ongoing series of panels – one for each new shooting. But I can’t keep up. The carnage never stops. We know the drill. President Obama knows the drill – shock, outrage, prayers and talk. ‘Oh, Thank God, it’s not me. Not this time.’ Nothing changes. We accept the guns and the deaths as the normal friction of daily life in America.

But last Friday, Jesus, last Friday, December 14 2012, 20 first graders and six of their teachers were massacred by an unhappy young man with an AR-15 – the gun of choice for massacres. Children and teachers slaughtered in the safety of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

How can we ignore this?

What are you going to do about it?

Roll Call 1999 Columbine High School, 15 dead, 21 wounded 2007 Virginia Tech, 32 dead, 15 wounded 2009 Fort Hood, 13 dead, 42 wounded 2011 Tucson AZ, 6 dead, 14 wounded July 2012 Aurora CO, 12 dead, 59 wounded August 2012 Oak Creek WI 7 dead, 3 wounded

Additional Shootings – partial list August 2012 Empire State Building, 2 dead, 9 wounded December 2012 Clackamas Mall, 3 dead December 2012 Newtown CT, 28 dead, 2 wounded

More to come.

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