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Blueberry Heaven Quilt Pattern

Finished Quilt size as shown: 75" x 75"

The BLUEBERRY HEAVEN quilt features nine pieced Star Stairway blocks and four Double Fourpatch blocks. The diagonal set includes wide lattices, Fourpatch cornerstones, and large-scale floral setting triangles. Two large-scale print borders complete the design. Step-by-step instructions guide you through the quiltmaking process. Rotary cutting and machine piecing techniques used in this pattern call for the Precision Trimmer 3 ruler designed by Marsha McCloskey. Templates are provided for checking purposes and for quilters who prefer more traditional piecing methods.

MATERIALS 42-wide, 100% cotton fabric

FABRIC A: Large-scale Floral Print with a medium background for Outer Border, setting triangles, star block centers, plus occasional small squares in Fourpatches: 2-1/2 yards

FABRIC B: Large-scale finely-etched Light Floral Print for star block backgrounds, Inner Border, Fourpatches, and 6 other squares: 2-1/2 yards

FABRIC C: Medium Print for lattices: 1 yard

FABRIC D: Dark Print for star points, occasional small squares in Fourpatches, and binding: 1-1/8 yard

FABRIC E: Assorted Blue Prints for random squares in Fourpatches:
1/2 yard total: 4 fat eighths (a fat eighth is half of a fat quarter, 10-1/2 x 18)

FABRIC F: Light Print for large squares in Double Fourpatch blocks: 1 fat quarter

Backing: 5 yards
Batting: 83 x 83
Thread for piecing and quilting
Precision Trimmer 3 ruler

1/6/2020 1 available