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Katie's Alphabet Quilt pattern

When my granddaughter, Katie, was born, I made 14 quilts and published two books. QUILTS FOR KATIE ROSE is still available, but the other little book, KATIE'S ALPHABET QUILT has been out of print for some time. I still get requests from shops for it pretty regularly because they made really cute samples and still have people wanting to make the quilt. The book contained patterns for 5"-finished paper-pieced letters and numbers. When we moved, I found the masters and computer files for the pages. I spent a little time updating them and now am able to print out the whole alphabet and offer it as a pattern that I can print "on-demand." There are 34 loose pages (ready to be copied for the paper foundations), a color cover page, and directions for a baby quilt.

Katie's Alphabet Quilt Pattern
Katie's Alphabet Quilt Pattern


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