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QUILT and SEW RULER replaces 18" C-THRU drawing ruler B-85

This is the ruler Marsha calls for in her drafting classes. There have been some production problems with the C-thru ruler and the Quilt and Sew Ruler is replacing it on the website. A drawing ruler, it is a thinner ruler than those used for rotary cutting, and so doesn't throw an annoying shadow on the paper just where you want your pencil line to be. It is 18” long and 2” wide, and has a 1/8” grid printed in red.(The ruler is really longer than pictured here. The whole ruler wouldn't fit on the scanner!)

If you are following a drafting tutorial on Marsha's Blog, this is the drawing ruler she talks about. You may want to order it at the same time as the graph paper to save on shipping.

If you need this ruler for one of Marsha's classes, e-mail her at and she will bring it to the workshop for you with your name on it. (Again, to save on shipping.)

Due to it's shape, this ruler cannot be shipped with books and other rulers on this site. It will not fit in a 9"x 12" priority mailer, making it especially unsuitable for international shipping.